Papers, Submissions & Letters

Policy and Position Papers

Discussion Paper on the Cannabis Act (October 2017) (PDF)

Prescription for Holistic Care: Improving Access to Medications through Ontario’s Mental Health and Addictions Strategy (June 2015) (PDF) (Word)

Mental Health Law in Ontario: Unpacking Policy and Legislation. Exploratory Report (April 2013)  (PDF)  
Provincial Correctional Response to Individuals with Mental Illnesses in Ontario: A Review of Literature. (March 2012)    (PDF)   (Word)
Position Statement: People with Mental Illness in Federal and Provincial Correctional Setting (December 2011)    (PDF)   (Word)
Double Jeopardy: Deportation of the Criminalized Mentally Ill (March 2010)    (PDF)   (Word)
SSO Position on Access to Medications (November 2009)    (PDF)   (Word)
Reducing Emergency Room Wait Times for People in Psychiatric Distress: Recommendations from the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (October 2008)    (PDF)   (Word)
Caring Together: Families as Partners in the Mental Health and Addiction System (November 2006)    (PDF)  
Early Intervention in Psychosis: Position Paper (April 2004)    (PDF)   (Word)



Policy and Advocacy

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