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Recovery in Action

About Recovery in Action

Recovery in Action is a five-week education group for adults living with schizophrenia and severe mental illness who are interested in improving their wellness and recovery. After the five-week program, participants also receive three booster sessions to help maintain the tools and strategies they have learned. 

Participants learn skills building and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies that help them take positive and responsible ownership of their recovery. Facilitated by a health care professional and a person with lived experience, the program is based on clinical practice guidelines issued by the Canadian Psychiatric Association and was developed in partnership with people who live with schizophrenia. 

Topics presented in group sessions include information about:
  • recovery and resiliency
  • self-care
  • building meaningful relationships and strong social supports
  • self-advocacy
  • planning for the future

How to get in touch

For more information this program, please contact Ask the Expert at or call 1 855 449 9949.