Beshir is a writer and spoken word poet who uses his art to raise awareness about mental illness. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2013. “I was getting in to trouble and screaming in the streets,” he said. “I needed help but was resistant to it at first. If it wasn’t for my family I would have been homeless.”

Once Beshir started responding well to medication he started to perform his art professionally. “I still hear voices but it is more manageable with the medication,” he says. “I don’t let my diagnosis define me.”

Beshir is interested in performing and sharing his poetry about his experience about psychosis. “I believe part of my recovery is telling my story in my poems and being open,” he says. “I want people to know that people with schizophrenia and psychosis can live a good life.”

His art is extremely important to his life and his recovery. Since he has been well he has written poetry, performed his music and tries to live a healthy lifestyle. Beshir belives that he can achieve what anyone else can. He is constantly thinking of new and different ways he can achieve great things, with the hope to inspire anyone with a mental illness.

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