Marie Asuncion

Just before she turned 16, Marie Asuncion began  feeling that things weren’t quite right. She was experiencing paranoia, feeling anxious and hearing  voices. Not sure what was happening, she just tried  to ignore it. After several weeks of ongoing symptoms, Marie had a full-blown episode of psychosis.

Marie was immediately admitted to hospital and  received the treatment and support she needed.
“When it happened, I remember locking my self in my  room with my family on the other side of the door  trying to get to me,” Marie recalls. 

“My family was my biggest support and  we learned to live with this illness. I have come a long waysince then and I’m in a good place now.”

Today, Marie is a language teacher, accomplished musician, and mental health advocate.

As an SSO spokesperson, Marie shares her story so that young people are aware of the illness and don’t wait to seek help.If you’re interested in having Marie speak, please contact SSO at